Introducción a la Arquitectura

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Última actualización: 22 de august de 2016

Título universitario: Grado en Arquitectura
Curso: 2
Créditos ECTS: 4,5
Tipo: Obligatoria


The contribution of the course to the professional profile:
After a first year devoted to courses which have a basically preparatory and instrumental role regarding building and also graphic expression, this is the first course that approaches the architectural fact in a direct manner, albeit in parallel with courses that take on an introductory role specific to architectural project work. 
As its very name suggests, this is an introductory course designed to be the first approach of the student to the architectural fact in all its breadth, diversity and complexity, which develops a non-partial vision, and thus an integrated, whole, and global vision of architecture.


Eugenio Rodríguez Cabrera


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